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Another Point Shooting Lesson

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People seem to enjoy some of the shooting lessons I have described, so I thought I would share what we are practicing in our classes at this moment.

The students have graduated onto the close combat level of my course ?? and are enjoying the ?point shooting? method I have taught them. It seems the women do especially well in this area, and last night was no exception. A mother of two small children was blasting 6 rounds into the target at 10 feet away in about 2 seconds. Even more impressive to me- was that after 4 or 5 times at the line, she was able to put even the first round dead center on target. Most shooters require a bullet or two on target to make adjustments onto the target?s center mass. She obviously paid attention to my instruction on how to form and execute the shooter?s triangle ???. And only needed 4 or 5 tries to get the elevation where it needed to be.

It sure is wonderful to watch ??? a shooter hitting his target dead center 6 times in around 2 to 3 seconds, without using any ?sights? or lasers

Here is the method I use if you would like to try it out:

First, I take the standard silhouette target and turn it around backwards, so the student only sees a large white sheet of blank paper. I place a small black 2? circle at the spot that contains the bull?s eye on the other side. This is so you can turn the target around later on and see how your pattern groups on a man size silhouette. Now send the target down range to about 10 to 15 feet. I start at the 10 foot mark for new students making their first attempt.

I place the student?s arms into what I call a shooter?s triangle. Both elbows should be locked tight against the sides of the shooter?s rib cage, with the pistol straight out in front. In this position, the weapon?s elevation is more or less set in place by the shooter?s body. With the pistol perfectly horizontal with the ground, the shooter would normally shoot a little low. So I instruct the shooter to elevate the triangle ever so slightly to put them at center mass on the target. As long as the shooter is standing directly in front of the target ? this exercise is fairly simple. The ?locked? in shooter?s triangle makes it easy to keep all the follow-up shots on target.

We start with a magazine loaded with 6 rounds. This is the important part [ for beginners ] ?First shot? is for ?shot placement? and to give the brain the corrections needed to bring all shots to dead center. So the student is instructed to fire one time ? identify where the bullet hit the target ? and then proceed to unleash the following 5 shots in rapid fire. The blank white sheet of paper makes it easy and fast to identify where you are hitting the target. Some students need to ?walk? their rounds onto dead center. My mother of two was able to put 4 of her 6 rounds into the 2? circle [ using a SIG P-226 9mm ] and I was very impressed. This is very good weapon?s control for a new student.

Later we turned the targets around, so the man sized silhouette was now visible and we repeated the exercise. It is necessary to replace the target often, with new shooters , because you want to make it easy and fast for them to identify where they are hitting the target. It was a fun night ? no one fired into the ceiling????and most rounds stayed on paper !! Later on I will allow a modified version of the ?triangle? where the shooter has more flexibility to raise the pistol to a higher sight plain. But one step at a time ? is the best way to build confidence.

Hope some of you will try this method ??.and let us know how it works out for you.

Safe shooting !!.......................

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Yes, please do provide a step by step approach to your instruction so we can practice these ourselves. You may not get paid for it but we will definitely appreciate it and buy you a dinner should we ever meet?:)

I for one get bored rather easily simply punching paper and even when shooting competition it can get mundane. Your input is greatly appreciated.
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