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a couple weeks ago i purchased, reviewed, and took video of MY FIRST P7. i was so happy with my first P7 that i decided to do it again. i called CDNN and was informed that they had some grade B models that really werent much different from the grade A models. since im persuing refinish options anyway i decided to give a grade B (shown above) a shot and save $75.

this is my grade A (left) shown beside my grade B (right). as you can see, there is very little difference in the two. the grade B shows minor finish wear and in fact shows less wear on the squeeze cocker.

i could provide you with a range report, but it would be redundant. if you would like to know how the grade B performs, CLICK HERE to read how the grade A performed. the only obvious difference seems to be the box that it comes in. the grade A comes in a plastic box, and the grade B in cardboard. the grade B is just as fine and hits with the same accuracy and overall proficiency. holy smokes i love this platform!

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Nice pair you got there.....
I have 2 M8's and a PSP that is still sitting at my funstore (waiting for papers so I can store it on base)
before you refinish your "B" though, I would re retrofit it with the original mag release and fitting grips.
Look at the difference on the frame .... The "B" P7 cam factory with the "protruding" mag release and was retrofitted with the flush release. They also did some changes on the internals and different grips had to be used.

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