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"Your results may vary"
Am trying some newer ammo in PPS M2 and thought i'd pass it along.
Federal HST (micro) 150 grain JHP 9mm ( shot 100 rds, it ain't cheap !) for micro pistols !
Federal has been making this HST line for a while now and recently added this heavier weight to the 9mm line. So thought i'd take a shot with it !

Its throwning out a 150 grainer at apx 950 fps, and acts similar to a 135 or 147, in much the same recoil and muzzle rise, but a hair less. Feeding was
normal and didn't experience any feeding, FTF or FTE issues.

Shot at 15yds (45ft) indoor range leaning against the wall, two handed grip, slow firing only a couple at a time, down, rest, raise, sight, fire, repeat.
target attached. Since i wasn't shooting on a rest I couldn't get a pattern, but the 40 rounds of this test were accounted for.

While popping the first 60 rounds on different target i did notice it was easier to get back on target.

And clean up revealed a pinch less residue left behind on everything. Not a big gain as ya gotta clean it anyway.

FOR THOSE WHO PREFER to throw heavier bullets . . .
Due to the cost of these HST 150 . . . I'd kinda stay with the Fed 147 HST,
or Rem 147 JHP subs for the 3grain diff. ( or others of your choice )

MY PPS M2 (no mods) and I like heavier stuff, and are more accurate with them. But it didn't skip a beat, and to burn off some extras of various types,
I loaded a couple mags with 124, 115, 135, 147 MIXED ! bang, bang , bang ! feed me !:D

This was my experience and preferences . . . . Yours may vary :)


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