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ammo question

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What's your favorite "plinking"ammo for the PP in 32ACP? What about personal defense. Thanks, Rick.
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71gr PPU fmj 50rd box for $16.99 at Cabela's.
71gr PPU fmj 50rd box for $17.99 at Cabela's(I haven't seen any since Jan of 2018)
61gr Hornady XTP Custom jhp 25rd box for $19.99 at Academy.

All shot with out issue.

I have a 69 Manurhin PP.
Focchi 73 grain FMJ for practice and defense. FMJ penetrates deeply and is the least likely to jam in a PP.
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I've shot WWB and Remington FMJ through several different pistols including the PP and PPK with no problems.
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