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That is not a trap. Anyone who wants the best owns at least one CZ75 or one of the variations. They are one of the finest combat pistols ever made.

I have (or have had) one of every CZ pistol made including a DUO, CZ24, CZ27, CZ50, CZ40B, CZ40P, CZ52, CZ83, CZ75 (PreB, B, BD, various mods), CZ100, CZPCR, CZP01  and a ColtZ40.  I have had a CZ100 in .40 and a CZ97 (.45) and numerous versions of the above pistols in 9mm and .40.  I also have a number of Walthers (see my signature).  

The CZ75 may take a bit of getting used to after you have had a P99 because they are a more traditional firearm, but they are incredibly accurate, reliable and easy to shoot.  Add a custom grip (Hogue or one of the others available) and the ergonomics improve exponentially.  I also have a Sphinx that is the Swiss version of the CZ75 and it is downright awsome.

The PCR and P01 are fantastic as to ergonomics and the CZ100 feels almost identical to the P99 (just flatter and it is DAO with a long trigger pull).  I have a CZ100 in 9mm with trigger mods that is one of my primary carry weapons.

If I could have just one 9mm or .40, I would have a hard time deciding which one to keep, they are that good and that close.  I have also owned Rugers, S&W, Berettas as well as many others, but none of them can hold a candle to the CZs as the Walthers do.
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