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Recently I had the opportunity to attend Redback One’s Combat Pistol course in Thurmont, Maryland. I had been looking forward to training with Redback One ever since I asked a friend of mine if they knew what to expect from the course and I got the reply “Just you wait, Jason Falla is a total bad ass!” Over the course of the weekend, Jason didn’t just live up to his “bad ass” reputation, he surpassed it with his unique combination of experience, technical skills, athleticism and a true mastery in the art of hands-on teaching. In short, Redback One’s Combat Pistol course didn’t meet my expectations; it exceeded them by a wide margin.

A couple things to know:

This is not a 101 level course. From the beginning of the first day, we were putting rounds downrange and drawing from the holster. If you aren’t comfortable with manipulating your handgun on a static range, then it may be better to take a basic pistol course or train up to a point of proficiency before taking this particular combat pistol course.

You will receive as much as you and your classmates put into the course, if not most likely more. Our class found that the more effort that we collectively put into the drills and the training, the more we learned; Jason encouraged positivity and enthusiasm, and in turn we as a class learned and retained a tremendous amount of information largely due to our working as a team to become better shooters, and not just individually.

You will venture outside of your comfort zone with a handgun in more ways than one. We took our handguns out to over 100 yards on steel targets and scored hits thanks to our training. I don’t believe that any of us in the class had shot a handgun out past 25 yards, ever.

You will most likely spend more than the minimum hour count on the range. On the first day, we spent four extra hours on the range running drills, and learning techniques. On the second day, we spent two extra hours running drills to challenge ourselves and implement all the coursework that we had covered.

Be prepared to actively problem-solve in everything that you do. Once we received training lessons on theory and methodology, and developed enough confidence shooting, Jason would adapt drills to suit. This constantly challenged the class’ ability to react to a dynamic environment or less than perfect conditions. One of the main things that I took away from this course personally was that while we train on best-case scenarios, real life does not normally afford us that luxury, and more often than not, we have to plan and react in real time in less than ideal situations. Just about every aspect of this course, especially the medical briefs reflected the importance of developing the ability to problem-solve in real time under adverse conditions.

Jason Falla Demonstrates the X-drill

It pays to be in shape. Some of the drills and courses of fire that we shot involved moving and shooting, kneeling and prone positions, and all out sprinting while being timed. The Redback One Combat Pistol course definitely emphasized shooting skills as a part of a greater picture that included critical thinking, mobility and speed; athleticism and overall wellness definitely helped everyone who attended this particular course hone their skills to the next level.

Course Outline:

A full outline can be found here

Jason took a crawl, walk, run, sprint, problem-solve approach to teaching all of the techniques covered. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to practice low-light shooting due to the amount of daylight present, but techniques were discussed to introduce us to low light shooting. We covered every other item on the course syllabus very comprehensively. I personally felt that material was taught at a pace that benefitted everyone; those who were having trouble with some parts of the course were given extra instruction and gained confidence and proficiency within minutes of Jason’s help.

Again, this course is meant to train individuals to confidently manipulate a handgun in a combat situation. Every drill that we did and technique that we learned was geared towards putting the gun into play as quickly and safely (accurately) as possible to score multiple rounds on targets while maintaining situational awareness. After two days of training, all of us felt confident that we could employ the techniques that we learned.

Some real highlights of the course:

Jason Falla Performs Combat Setups with the Pistol

I would say the entire thing, but that’s not a fair assessment:

Jason Falla is easily one of the most experienced, gifted and humble instructors that I have ever had the opportunity to train with. The wealth of experience that he drew from to compliment everything that we learned turned every moment- including his own demonstrations- into learning opportunities for the entire class. He wasn’t afraid to hold himself or his students to a higher standard while shooting serials, which translated into friendly competition between students, and created an atmosphere that was very conducive to learning and encouraged excellence. By the end of the first day, we were all functioning as a group and were able to carry that dynamic over to the next day with no issues.

(Continued in 2nd post)

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After Action Report: Redback One Combat Pistol (Level 2) Course: Part 2

Shooting aside, the TCCC briefs that were included in the course were not only informative, but also condensed hours of training into a package that was accessible to laymen and those with prior medical training alike. Again, Jason was able to draw on his extensive background in combat medicine to provide information that was accurate, proven and tailored to the individuals in the course. I remember two policemen who attended the course asking highly specialized questions that Jason was able to answer with no problem, and then explain to the rest of the group in a way that everyone was on the same page.

The Engage Armament range was hands down the best range that I have shot on, partially because it offered the ability to engage targets in a 180-degree arc. The range was also massive, which gave us the opportunity to shoot from as close as three yards to out over 100 while practicing shooting on the move and sprinting between barricades in a safe, controlled environment. The range will spoil you rotten, and the owners are fantastic, kind people who love guns.

The individual assessment at the end of the course: We had no idea that Jason had been taking notes on each one of his students for the entire duration of our Combat Pistol course until he brought out his notepad and presented us with awards, prizes and feedback at the end of the last day. I couldn’t help but notice that every individual in the course had taken their shooting game to the next level in such a short period of time. One student, who in the beginning was having trouble at the 7-yard line, progressed to a proficiency level where he was consistently hitting steel at 100 yards out with his DA/SA gun firing in double action. I am convinced that this feat was made possible thanks to the time that Jason spent with each student on turning their individual points of weakness into points of confidence.
It was clear to all of us that Jason’s passion for shooting and teaching directly translated into not only making us better shots, but also making us better, more confident people through our training. The energy and personality that Jason brought to the course was infectious. We all had a good time and learned a lot.

The musical soundtrack: I’ll just let you guys imagine what Australians listen to on a shooting range.

The bottom line:

I highly recommend the Redback One Combat Pistol course to anyone seeking to learn how to employ a handgun in a combat or hostile environment. The level of instruction from Jason was top notch; his ability to explain, and demonstrate techniques, as well as adapt to suit individual and group needs within the curriculum that he was teaching made the course well-worth the time, money and effort put into attending.
Having expert medical briefings to compliment the shooting segment of the course really rounded out the course, and provided a degree of training that would otherwise be extremely difficult, if not impossible to find in that comprehensive a package. All in all, the Redback One Combat Pistol course was a fantastic opportunity and superbly taught 2-day course. I will be training with Redback One in the near future based on my experiences this past weekend.

All photos are licensed property of Redback One and used with their permission. Photography credits: Jonathan Chiang –All Rights Reserved
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