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I am from the Philippines and the aftermarket for support here for Walther is non-existent.
Thus, I may have to source my p99 accessories and parts from the US possibly. I just wanted to ask:

1. Is the threaded barrel for P99 in 9mm as well as the suppressor readily available to civilians? or do you have to secure a special permit?

2. Are there extended high-capacity mags available for p99 in 9mm? say 30, rounder.

3. Is there a need to switch to steel recoil guide rod? My stock polymer recoil guide rod is fine, but just by looking at it, i think it will chip off somewhere one of these days.

Need help. Thanks.

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Threaded barrels are available from Val at Gulfstream Sports. [email protected]
Suppressors are available from many sources, including Walther. Val may be able to assist you there as well.
In the USA, we must have a tax stamp to own a suppressor, this stamp costs $200. You would not have to pay this stamp, since you are not within the United States, you would just have to go by your local laws.
The largest magazine i've seen for a P99 is a 16 round mag.
The factory plastic guide rod is fine, just get a few replacements, and change them about every 3000 rounds.
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