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As a 45 year long association and fanship of CZ-USA and CZUB products..

The Founder of Project SAfestar SAP/SAPS the world's very first Police Lives matter movement.

The Cz75 earned it's bones in Angola and now Namibia combat. The Cuban troops had them and they were superior to any Boer or German
P-38, Beretta, ect. Including the issued STAR 9mm.

Founder of CZforum.com the world's first official CZ firearms discussion board and fully endorsed by CZUB, even after the
split and Dave created his CZfiriearms,us.

Well. I'd owned shot and did everything CZ, and my bad health dictated more family time.

I promoted Rugers and Double Tap, but was always curious about Walthers.

I then spent 3 years away from CZs and on this wonderful forum as mostly a lurker,

You are a tough bunch of old opinionated guys but do know your Walther stuff like I did with CZs.

Short Story... 8 PPQs and even more Walthers.Even an Unfired P-1 from 1965.

Oddly, my divorce after 22 grueling years..and me selling 22 guns to my Dealers to get debt free and the Hell out of Washington state.

Well, this freedom in Idaho, meant that I owned 2 guns and many black bear.

10mm or .45 Colt seemed the answer, and then came a new Gen 4 Glock 29, XDM 10, and Kimber 1911

However, I still missed (and do still do) the gorgeous PPQ45 with the steel rod.

A real Smokewagon .45 as it fit great and shot as good as any CZ or Glock.

So I'm not sure if there is Compact PPQ .45 or even SF but that would be sweet.

I'll probably be the only Walther fan in St Maries or N. Idaho, but they are well worth the hunt and price.

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Welcome to the board. I hope you enjoy your stay.

The PPQ is the most popular gun Walther has made in a long time, and still i think it's underrated.
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