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30 rounds at 4 steel targets 7 yards away using CF-W (tungsten) slow fire bolt:

Test-firing w/ Lage 5.56 NATO upper (no sights on upper; bursts fired instead of one long pull in order to keep rounds from going over burm due to muzzle rise):

  • The CF-W bolt halves the usual 1200-1300 round/min rate of fire -- making the SMG very controllable
  • The OEM sights are horrible; the front sight is barely visible above the top cocking knob, making it easy to lose the front sight while switching targets (which slows target acquisition)
  • The wire stock isn't half bad! Ok, it's not great, but still much better than I expected. :)
  • The wire stock -must- be extended (or removed) to fire the SMG. (No big deal, but I didn't expect this.)
  • The Lage 5.56 NATO upper is amazing -- takes the SMG to a MG in a well-balanced, reliable package. No DI gasses going into the action (as with a M-16), either, so it runs nice and clean!
  • This has got to be the simplest firearm I've ever owned in terms of build/design. It was both reliable and effective...
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