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A few questions re: the PPS vs the Kahr PM9/P9

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New to the forum and I have a few questions. I was all set to buy a Kahr P9 or PM9 when two things happened:

1. I was at a gun show and kept seeing the P22 (or whatever Walther calls it). I kept saying to myself, "why don't they make this in a 9mm"? Next thing you know I am standing at a table holding a PPS in my hand. Loved it. A bit heavier than the Kahr guns and a bit wider I believe, but I really liked the gun.

2. I was in a local gun store talking to one of the sales people. So far, all gun shop employees annoy me, too opinionated, not enough facts. This salesman explained that the Kahr is basically steel sliding on plastic (the slide on the frame) and will wear out in 9k rounds, etc. He took one apart and showed me - sure enough, there already seemed to be a lot of wear on just the display model. He took apart a Glock 26 and showed me how the Glock has installed steel rails so the steel frame is sliding on steel rails attached to a plastic frame.

My questions:

1. Does the PPS have the steel rails like the Glock or is it steel on plastic like the Kahr?

2. Does it matter?

Finally, there was someone on this forum talking about a PPS for $500 and that he could get them at that price for "anyone." If I decide on the PPS I am interested in the all black. What is the best price I can find it for, and where? Could someone provide contact info so I can call and order the thing? Preferably from someone listed in the phonebook or information. No offense, but I don't want to risk my hard earned money with someone I don't know and can't verify third party.

Your help is much appreciated.
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The Kahr has steel rails. The plastic casting quality is poor and often the plastic oozes on the steel parts. This flakes off as it is broken in causing other problems during the break in period. After break in, my PM9 was a solid pistol. Should have kept it. Not sure where they are at these days. There was a run of barrel peaning after my serial number, for about a year. I think it was resolved with a new slide and barrel lockup design, IIRC. Other owners were just filing down the peaning. It prevented a return to battery. No, the Kahr slide runs on steel rails. But there are other issues with the plastic Kahrs making the PM9/40, a hit or miss.
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