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A few P99 questions.

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-It seems to be near universal opinion that the Walther P99s are better than the SW99s. Why is this so? The only answer that I've heard is that the Walthers are Tennifer treated while the S&Ws are stainless. Are there any other differances? Are the S&Ws available in AS as well as QA?

-How far is the trigger reset on the QA versus the AS second shot?

-.40 S&W P99s seem to be a good deal less expensive and more common in my area. However I prefer 9mm over .40 S&W. Are the .40s convertable to 9mm? If so, what is involved in the swap?

-How tight is the chamber and is it fully supported?

-One of the Smith and Wesson versions of the P99 is called the P990L. CDNN has some available for a steal. Anybody have any information on them? The Smith and Wesson website wasn't very helpful.

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Yes, near universal on a Walther forum, but you'd expect that now wouldn't you.
 I've heard of but one test where the two were shot side by side, and the Walther grouped marginally better as I recall.  The rest is fodder for rants and flaming regarding which is "better."  Get the one that you like.

Not sure about the reset, I only have the AS to work with.

Regarding conversion; I haven't heard of that.  Probably since the P99 is already available in 9mm.  You could get a 9mm slide, spring, and barrel, but I imagine it would be much cheaper to just buy the 9mm version.  I do know that .357SIG conversions are available for the .40 chambering.

My chamber locks up solid, and is fully supported. The slide can move slightly on the frame.

I've heard of the SW99OL, but I can't keep up with the alphabet soup of variations, even with the Walther version.  Try this website for more info:

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Thanks for the answers guys. After thinking about it and doing a little more research I've come to the following conclusions.

-A S&W rep told me that the 99OL is just another name for a 990.

-I'm primarily interested in the AS trigger system.

I also have the following questions.

-Is the SW99 available in AS or simply QA and DAO?

-How far is the trigger reset in the AS in both single action and double action?

Thanks guys.

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The base S&W 99 is the same as the A/S in the Walther. The A/S Walther is tough to get right now because they stopped importing them, but the S&W 99 isn't quite as hard to get, and it's basically the A/S.
well the walther website says that "the QA has a short reset for easy follow up shots"...but i hear from everyone here that the QA has a longer reset than the Glock and a longer reset that the second AS of the P99.

but the QA is very very short, and mildy heavy.

i hear the AS has a great reset. but the AS is difficult to get nowadays. i will be getting a QA soon and im sure i will be happy with it though.
Well, you can get the S&W that still has the same as the A/S. I'd rather have the Walther to, but am getting a compact S&W.
If I remember to bring home a set of calipers from work, I can tell you what the AS reset is exactly. Suffice it to say it's friggin short.

The QA does have a longer reset, not bad, but LONG when you are used to the AS. My biggest problem with the AS is shooting too quickly, followups tend to be a touch high.
Thanks for the info guys.
Regarding the conversion of a .40 to a 9mm, it is possible. Bar-Sto makes a drop in barrel for the P99 .40 for conversion to 9mm. They also make one for conversion to .357 Sig. AFAIK, the barrel drops right in and you use Walther or S&W 9mm mags. I don't think any spring replacement is needed.

It's already been covered, but I think most people dislike the SW99 because A) it's a hybrid and B) it isn't as aesthetically pleasing. I doubt there are *real* differences. That said, I easily decided to go all German.

The AS trigger on the P99 is difficult to obtain with the 2005 models, simply because Smith isn't importing them anymore. There are, to my knowledge, still quite a few 03 and 04 AS models NIB sitting in gunshops and distribution warehouses. There are also some 2005 AS models showing up at gun shops, though it seems to be just a freak thing; you might get lucky and you might not.

I bought the 2005 QA. Let me just touch on something...

For the most part, I don't think trigger reset is the main reason a lot of folks dislike the QA. It seems to me that it stems from the fact that the QA is incapable of second-strike and will not fire when decocked. My best buddy has an AS and I've shot the AS and QA side by side (even at the same time) and couldn't tell much difference in trigger reset. My shot groupings were virtually identical. YMMV, of course.

I think the best advice given on gun boards is: "Try them all; see what is comfortable for you and buy that model.
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i shoot the QA and the AS

the QA is heavy trigger 8.5 lbs more than 5.5 lbs of glocks

sometimes the QA dont reset fast it hapens to me twice

the AS is (5 lbs) more smoth and reset faster then Quick Action
Thanks for the help guys.  Now I really know what to look for.

PS.  Are the 2005 models the ones with the ambidextrous slide release?  And are they being sold as the SW99 with AS trigger?

Thanks again.

EDIT: Has anyone on here done the .40 --> 9mm caliber swap before? If so, what were your results?
There's been some debate about the ambi slide release. I've heard that they're for law enforcement, but that may just apply in California. I don't think I've heard about anyone buying a 2005 with it, however.

The '05 model has the extended mag release.

Couldn't tell ya about the SW99.
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