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9mm +P and +P+ in the P99

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I have a little blue card that came with me that says not to fire any ammo hotter than SAAMI or CIP specifications. However, to the best of my knowledge a SAAMI 9mm +P has a slightly lower pressure than the CIP spec.

I have a couple hundred rounds of Winchester Ranger SXT RA9T witch they label as a 9mm +P+. I would like to use this ammunition when I am carrying my P99. A lot of people say that it is fine to fire +P+ ammunition in any modern firearm and that the warning is really against accelerated wear, not a kb. I also know of at least one person who has fired at least 1,250 rounds of RA9T through their P99 with no ill effects (and a couple more who carry RA9T in their P99's).

So, what do you guys think? Do any of you cary your P99 in 9mm with +P or +P+ ammunition? Do any of you regularly fire +P or +P+ ammunition through your P99?
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I use the same Winchester +P+ rounds in my P99 for carry and monthly training. The P99 is the most concealable "wondernine" I have tried and I prefer it, even more than my .45s. The P99 doesn't scream "cop gun" [may not be an issue with you, but it is to my profession] and it eats everything I feed it.

The Ranger SXT +P+ round is a darn good one and I don't feel undergunned with it. If I am going out to blast a thousand rounds on a Saturday, I use the WWB 9mm round.
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