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Good post Sniper. The .44 thing caused a good chuckle. I'd love to have a .44 but there's no way I'd use it in my house unless it was the last thing I had to fend of the hordes with. I've had a guy shoot a .44 at an outdoor range a few stalls away and even that was distracting.

I like your points on shooting as you plan to use the gun. I noticed a significant difference in recoil between Federal JHP Classic rounds and S&B FMJs. This was a bit of a surprise as the FMJs were a lot heavier. Far less powder I guess. I still think that firing practice ammo is good for target practice (the grip, stance, sigh allignment, trigger control part of it) and not just for economical reasons. But shooting defensive drills with 'real' ammo sounds like a good idea.
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