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I am from the "Old school" but I am learning new tricks.......

We always fired the weaker ( and many times the cheaper) rounds for practice. It would give the gun a "break" on stress and wear and tear.

But I since have been converted by the United States Secret Service......"to train like you fight". So NO more "weaker" practice ammo for me, I buy the same ammo for Range Practice as I carry in my Gun. It does make a difference........to start firing hotter loads and keeping them all in the kill zone.

Companies like www.ammoman.com make it possible to buy quality ammo marked as "practice" ammo for a reasonable price. As an example--- I buy .40 Cal Speer Gold Dot 180gr. JHP's for $199 a case ( 1,000 rds. ) free shipping. And the ammo arrives at my doorstep 3 days later. ( I do live only 3 states away from the company). Three cases later and I have not had one miss fire or miss crimped shell casing. Ammoman has e-mailed me that he has sold over 11 million rds of this Gold Dot without a single complaint ! I inquired why the ammo was marked for practice only ?

So if your weapon is going to be used for self-defense: practice with your carry ammo whenever possible! If this causes premature wearing--then so be it. Buy another gun if necessary. If you ever need the gun to save your life---you want its functioning to feel like second nature to you. It might seem silly, but I even "occasionally" switch to a cheaper set of hearing protectors to get a "feel" for the noise level of the weapon on the indoor range. You don't want the noise of the weapon discharging in your home ( or bedroom) to catch you by surprise and cause a startle response that prevents you from performing accurate follow-up shots. I always smile when someone points to his 44 Magnum and claims this is his home defense weapon he keeps in his bedroom. I lost 20% hearing in one ear from just such a discharge during a training exercise. The pain was very distracting....... I can't imagine having to fire 3 or 4 - 44 Magnum. rds inside a small room--Wow! The other day a guy was firing one at the indoor range and everyone stopped shooting when this canon went off. I was three stalls down from him and the muzzle flash was still very distracting to me. Imagine this taking place in a darkened bedroom at night.

Train like you fight.........and you will have a better chance of coming out the winner----in this "game" there are NO prizes for second place!

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