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So the 9 mm PP I mentioned in a previous post is mine...

It is 1973 Walther that came naked - just one flat mag, no box, no manual - for 540 francs (about 300 $). The finish is still very nice, with the usual holster marks on the front, which makes suppose that it was owned by someone - cop? - who didn't fire more than a few dozen shots.

Usually, I detail strip my acquisition but I stopped with this one when I saw that it was clinical clean.

I shoot it last week end. Trigger is hard but manageable - it needs obviously some breakin - and it shoot slightly to the right at 15 m. I will shoot it more before attempting any adjustement on the rear sight.

One disconfort: the edges on the frame are so sharp that I cut the base of my thumb after a short session. As the finish is not perfect, I will round them slightly with a small file.

All in all, I'm very satisfied and do not regret the SIG P230 that I sell to bring back some dough.

Big problem now is my dealer has a very nice Browning 1910 for 240 francs...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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