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50 Jahre P38 Serial Number ??

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Gun Broker listing 796312517 by Diamond 1210.

According to Dieter H. Marschall's ; latest book, page 194, Limited edition: limited to 500 pistols, but only 289 pistols were made (257 in caliber 9mm Luger and 32 in caliber 7.65 Parabellum).
This pistol has the serial number of 375. Another noticeable item is I cannot locate a single proof mark other than the circle/dot on the frame which states military grade product. Serial Number Range 001-289.
The Mauser post war HSc pistols have the (FBM) proof mark, an in house proof, as it is my understanding that these pistols made for export were not required to be proofed in a German State Proof House.
Could this be the same for this Walther pistol?
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