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5" Barrel issues

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Bought the 5" barrel kit for my P22, and I'm very pleased with it, save for one item. The front end stabilizer will not tighten down completely. After 75-100 rounds, it becomes loose and starts to walk off the barrel. I've tried tightening it as much as possible, with no success. Is there a solution?
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I have a hard time making one stay put as well. After really tightening a Q model down it still walked forward 1/2" in a thousand rounds. It is possible to stretch the original by over tightening and then it won't stay tight. I always install with no oil under it. I've never tried it but I expect removing the lubricant from the inside of the stabilizer and the barrel sleeve and then applying a thin coat of weak blue thread locker might help. You will have to let the thread locker cure. I wouldn't use red. If it gets too bad call Ft Smith and ask for a new one. It seems that a groove or something in the barrel sleeve would have been a good addition to index and hold the part in place. 1917
1917-thanks for your advice. I applied blue locktite and chinched it down real good, hopefully that will do it. I also left a space between the slide and the stabilizer, about 1/16th, .
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Let us know how it works out. The stabilizer has always been a problem..you have to remove it to field strip also. What the 5"barrel needs is a five inch slide. Guess you will have to go with the PPQ 5" .22 for that. 1917
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