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4 inch PPQ M2 in holster for Q5 Match..?

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I have a Q5 Match Champion. The holster I use is the Comp Tac International for 5 inch PPQ M2.

- Does anyone know if a 4 inch PPQ M2 would fit? Of course my holster would be unnecessary long, but would it fit?!


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Looking at a picture of the Comp Tac International, I believe the 4" will fit.
I don't have a Comp Tac. However, I can tell you that my 4" PPQ does fit in my Garrett holster for a 5" PPQ (Silent Thunder Champion). This is a solid kydex holster with leather lining.

Not much help, I know.

Comp Tac has a contact form on their website.

A friend of mine has a 4" PPQ M1 and it fits in the Comp-Tac 5" holster just fine.
I have run my P99c in my Comtac rig (M1 5" GB custom) at my home range. So I would say yes.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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