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357 Sig Conversion P99

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I am very interested in this and I was wondering if anyone here has done this or if you know someone who has done this 357 conversion for the 40cal. The faq says that 2 people make them or did make them. Bar-Sto and Jarvis. These companies respective websites do not include info on this anymore so I am not sure if this is still availible and if so how many are out there? Would I have to buy these from a private party?

Just found a site with more info and test info.

Bar-Sto .357 Conversion

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I was just about to do the same. Bar-Sto quit making them and will not work one up for me for even an extra $100.00. Jarvis has them but they are not listed on their website and they told me that they did not recommend one for carry as they (theirs) are not 100 percent reliable.

I'm bummed, used, new, some other company, anyone got any other info on where to get one.

Rockets Out...

(Maybe if we all call Bar-Sto they would run a special batch, on Glocktalk a guy wants one bad also)
Hey sniper350,

You clearly know what you are doing and what you say makes a ton of sense. Since Bar-Sto is seeming out but Jarvis still has them if I was to buy a Jarvis barrel and had nose dive problems is there any chance you would work over the feed ramp for me for fifty bucks or whatever. I realize that there is no guarantee on this and if tweaking does not work that is my problem. After calling Jarvis again it seems like they are all nose dive jams and if that was the Bar-Sto problem I can't help but think that your solution has a very good but not guaranteed chance of working.

Not to mention I am really out of options if I want to 357 it other than this or a used one which is going to be darn hard to find.

Rockets Out....
Thanks buddy, I look forward to it. You are making a ton of sense to me and as I say, if it does not work out it's my problem, I'll even give you something it writting that says so but I gotta at least throw some ammo your way or something.

Rockets Out....
Oh man, Now your hurting me unless that's for sale.

Rockets Out....
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