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357 Sig Conversion P99

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I am very interested in this and I was wondering if anyone here has done this or if you know someone who has done this 357 conversion for the 40cal. The faq says that 2 people make them or did make them. Bar-Sto and Jarvis. These companies respective websites do not include info on this anymore so I am not sure if this is still availible and if so how many are out there? Would I have to buy these from a private party?

Just found a site with more info and test info.

Bar-Sto .357 Conversion

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For another view of the 357 Bar-Sto barrel in the Walther go to
and at the bottom of the opening page insert the word "walther" in the "find a photo of" slot. Click on Go. On the opening page there are some photos. Click on the Walther P99 photo to open it.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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