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I have this EXACT set up!
I have a Black P99 in .40s&w.
I bought a Barsto .357sig barrel form a member on GlockTalk about a yr ago as he was selling his p99 off that had this extra barrel.
It arrived and looked great. I installed it but it would not let the barrel lock up.
I called Barsto and spoke w/ Irv. He told me to send it in w/ my slide and $15.- for shipping and he woudl fit it.
I did so and 3 weeks later I had my my "new" .357sig barrel perfectly fitted to my P99 slide.

I have to say that it is very tight and shoots extremely accurately!!

Get one, but to buy anew one it will cost a couple of hundred and take a while to make it.
spend the extra and have it fitted( send yous slide in)

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