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... the result of three times 9. I just sighted a Star F Target in and then did some more serious shooting with three 9 mm. I had not shot my old P.08 for almost two years and at the last range session, the P210-4 had the magazine safety still installed, which wreaked havoc with the nice trigger pull that the P210s normally have. I had just shot the Nowlin among several other guns the last time and felt that I did not spend enough time with it.

I shot the Luger with WWB and after five rounds at ten yards to check POI, I moved the target to 25 yards. The results reminded me why I had chosen that gun to participate in club matches. The P210-4 has the original hammer spur and the bites were getting more painful with each shot, which showed. The P210-4 came in with the worst results of the trio.

Then I finally came to the Nowlin and shot it with the inexpensive Geco white box 124 grain ammo made in Hungary. The long slide version really "eats up" the recoil and the gun did not move out during recoil. Operating the slide stop or the safety was unbelievably smooth!!! The trigger is amazing and even through it did not yield substantially better groups than my trusty old P.08, the Nowlin was much more fun to shoot. It seemed to not have recoil and be very forgiving, yet landed the rounds in the center of the 9" paper plates without effort. I then got the plate in to 5 yards and double tapped it for a couple of mags and really fell in love with this gun.

I think I have a new favorite gun.

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