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2 trigger pulls DA/SA, des it bother you?

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Hi guys.
Does the DA to SA trigger pull bother you, and if so how and where?
I'm no world class shooter by any means, But the only time decent DA trigger cause me any problems is when shooting something like Bullseye shooing or shooting for accuracy groups.
But in shooting like the P99 was designed for, defensive or combat shooting. I just don't seem to have a problem with the DA first trigger pull. Especially when drawing an shooting. I mean, with the excitement, the adrinlin, target focus, quickness of the draw getting on target and the shots on it's way.
I've tried drawing and shooting both DA and SA first shots and from looking at the shot targets, I couldn't tell ya which was shot DA and which was SA.
I mean even with the Glock you really got 2 different trigger feels. There the full tigger pull like yu get from a trigger all the way released and the the short trigger pull you get from the trigger reset position.
Now I do see the difference with a long heavy revolver DA trigger, but can't on is P99. How about you guys? JB
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JBA, you are correct, you DO lose 2nd strike abilities...however, the slide does not need to be racked back completely...only about 1/8" to reset.
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