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2 trigger pulls DA/SA, des it bother you?

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Hi guys.
Does the DA to SA trigger pull bother you, and if so how and where?
I'm no world class shooter by any means, But the only time decent DA trigger cause me any problems is when shooting something like Bullseye shooing or shooting for accuracy groups.
But in shooting like the P99 was designed for, defensive or combat shooting. I just don't seem to have a problem with the DA first trigger pull. Especially when drawing an shooting. I mean, with the excitement, the adrinlin, target focus, quickness of the draw getting on target and the shots on it's way.
I've tried drawing and shooting both DA and SA first shots and from looking at the shot targets, I couldn't tell ya which was shot DA and which was SA.
I mean even with the Glock you really got 2 different trigger feels. There the full tigger pull like yu get from a trigger all the way released and the the short trigger pull you get from the trigger reset position.
Now I do see the difference with a long heavy revolver DA trigger, but can't on is P99. How about you guys? JB
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I think the P99 DA/SA was the reason I went with it. I love the ability to have it cocked and the trigger forward. That's what sold me on it.

I was involved with six teenagers who mistook me for my brothers baby-sitters new boyfriend! She was a freshmen in high school who had recently broke up with her senior boyfriend. She started to date a freshmen boy. This seamed to piss off the old boyfriend. After my brother and his wife and my girlfriend and I came back from a night out he asked me to take her home on my way home. I was driving her down her road (dead end) and pulled in to her short drive way, it was at the end of the dead end road. A car stopped across the top and 5 young men got out and started to run at my car with bats. Here is were Murphy's law breaks in. I had just sent out my carry gun for new combat sights! I was carrying an old revolver I had bought a few years before. Well, I stood 15 feet from the first kid.

Two kids ran into the woods. I had three at gun point and the one took off in the car. What felt like it took hours took roughly a minute. From the time I was grabbing her backpack from the back of my car to the point I had them on the ground and yelling for the baby-sitter to call the cops was no longer then a minute! The adrenaline was pumping and my hart was racing a mile a minute. My hands were sweating and I had a death grip on my pistol.

After the incident took place I went over what happened in my mind and how I should have act differently. I wrote down in detail everything that happened. I spoke with a few professionals and some agreed I did almost everything right. Nobody was shot and the incident was resolved. I also rethought my entire out look on my handgun decision. I soon realized it's confidants and assertiveness and the ability to pull the weapon and be ready to use it. I was willing to shoot if he did not stop in front of me. I stood 15 feet from him by the time I turned around and yelled for him to hit the ground. I was confident that if he did not stop I would have shot. I was also making sure that no body jump out of the wood from behind. I made it perfectly clear that if anybody jumps from behind I would shoot the kid on the ground in front of me first! There is a few more more finer details I left them out.

I was also on leave from the US MARINES

The weapon I had was a Smith and Wesson 3" .44 magnum. That later jammed up on me after 20 rounds.

I have been on a quest ever sense looking for the perfect weapon. That was many tears ago.
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