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1975 Sig P210-6 HF

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I picked this unicorn recently and figured to post it here, since I know many folks on this forum have an appreciation for fine handguns. While the Swiss Sig P210 has always been one of the finest pistols ever built, its the older forged frame models that were the best of the best. More specifically, its generally those built before the serial numbers switched into the 300xxx block.

Among the forged Sig P210's, the target shooting variants introduced in the 1960's (-5 and -6) were the guns purpose built for sporting use and got the target triggers and a bit more attention to detail.

During this heyday of P210 manufacturing, Sig further upped the anti with the introduction of the heavy frame. These were produced in extremely limited numbers and sell for big dollars in the rare occasion they come up for sale, but they represent the high water mark for the model. Sig only built a couple hundred of them. Of those, I'm not sure how many still exist 40+ years later and I'm not sure how many made it to the States.

At any rate, I just wanted to share. :cool:

Thanks for reading and please enjoy the pics...

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That is a nice catch, Brian. The condition of that rare gem is outstanding, too. I have seen the adjustable rear sight sell for over $600 lately and noticed that prices of Swiss SIGs and original accessories are climbing.

The -5 and -6 guns with the sports trigger use a lighter 500 gram spring, while the service models have the 1000 gram spring and a differently contoured trigger blade. While it is a neat touch to have the hammer unit affixed by a screw, there is absolutely no play even without one.
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Outstanding. Congratulations.
Wow, one of my grail guns.
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Perhaps only after Tanfoglio, Brian’s pistols “be best”.

BTW, whatever happened to Tanfoglio and the Walther Castle?
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