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wwii walther pp

  1. Seeking Grandfather's WWII PP - Mansfield, Ohio

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Seeking Grandfather's WWII Walther PP - Mansfield, Ohio Let me first qualify this post: this is request is a long-shot. My name is Matthew and I am an attorney in Cincinnati, OH. I am trying to track down my Granddad's Walther PP from WWII. My Granddad served in the US Air Force in WWII and...
  2. Unmatched Late War PP? Value?

    PP and TP Series
    Hi all, I was looking at a PP at my LGS today. It's got a grayish blued finish around 90%, no rust or pitting, excellent bore, no proof markings anywhere, no Walther scroll or other markings, and mismatched serial numbers on the frame and slide of 389xxx and 385xxx, with a seperate "P" after the...
  3. WWII Walther PP 7.65 mm with heel magazine release

    PP and TP Series
    Hello, My grandfather brought back a Walther PP from WWII. We are looking for information about the gun. It's a 7.65 mm. It has the magazine release on the heel of the grip. On the left side of the gun beside the grip the letters PDM are there with the numbers 13xx below them. The serial number...