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  1. WW II Walther...NEED YOUR HELP!!!

    PP and TP Series
    Just recently picked up this WWII Walther beauty from a collector and am asking the all-knowing Walther gods on this forum to assist with the journey of discovering its history... Some noticeable markings include: - Left side slide reads: Waffenfabrik Walther, Zella-Mehlis (Thür) Walther's...
  2. Walther P38 AC45

    The Classics
    Hello my name is Bryce, and I was recently handed down my Great Uncle's p38 ac45. It was just the frame and magazine though. The frame has the eagle over 359 on the side and no serial number. I'm looking to restore the gun back to its original state so it can finally again be in my family fully...
  3. Walther Standard 22LR 1925, gun history

    The Classics
    (I am not a weapons person, so please bear with me if I stumble in the terminology.) My father had an exceptionally beautiful Walther 22 LR cal pistol. The metal is covered with delicate flower/leaf engravings, and the stock is of dark wood carved in the pattern of the metal and it is inlaid...
  4. WWII Walther P38 Question

    The Classics
    WWII Walther P38 W/ Holster Question Good Evening, I am new to this forum. I received a Walther P38 from a close friend who was a WW2 vet and recently passed away, it came with two magazines as well as a holster with a skull and crossbones pin on it. It seems to be in very good condition. I...
  5. 1935 PPK

    PP and TP Series
    So I finally did it. Went to a gun show in PA, took me about 3 hours to fully walk around and find one of these. Only thing not original is the magazine. Listed for $1650 but I managed to talk the guy down to $1200. How much is this worth/ did I get a good price...
  6. WW2 PPK 22cal.

    PP and TP Series
    Hello, So I have been to the end of the internet looking for more info on a PPK 22cal. that I just acquired . I think that this one is a commercial piece and serial number tells me it was made in 1941 ( 343*** k). It does have the 3 E/N marks - BUT I have not found anything about one of the...
  7. WTS: 1940 Mottled Brown PPK Grips (TX)

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Hello all. I'm selling the original grips off my 1940 Commercial model Walther PPK. Price is $250. They have some warping at the top and 3 small cracks. I tried to use a small screwdriver to point out the cracks. There is also what looks like red paint on the right side of the grips. It shows up...
  8. Background info needed on WW2 walther P.38

    The Classics
    just joined the forum and i need some identification help and background/history on a p.38 that was brought home from the war by my grandfather. I believe that it is a authentic p.38 taken from the battle field and not the factory but let me know what you think based on the specs. I will upload...
  9. Original 1945 PP mags

    Want To Buy
    Looking for a original 1945 mag for my walther pp i have. looking hopeful for factory original, pistol didnt come with any mag. wanted to get correct to complete collection.
  10. German ww2 walther pp help

    PP and TP Series
    Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me, i have a walther pp serial #=380XXXP it has two eagle over n proofs ( on slide and chamber ) and one eagle over J ( on barrel) , it also has the WaA359 proof in 2 spots. its an acp. It has black grip . For some reason it has no labels on the left...