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  1. Want To Buy
    As the title says, I’m looking for a Generation 1 P99 9mm. I’m open to black, two tone, or OD. Anti stress trigger preferred but would consider a QA. I’d even consider an SW99, though a true P99 is strongly preferred. Unfortunately I now live in California so I can’t have one shipped to a local...
  2. Want To Buy
    All, I am looking to purchase a Walther P99 1st or 2nd Gen (9mm). I got taken on this site before by a dishonest forum predator who has since been kicked out. But with a new year also comes new hope that I will be able to find the Walther P99 that I am looking for. I would prefer to use an...
  3. P99
    Guys, after getting screwed on here by a private seller, I am looking to still purchase a Walther P99 in 9mm. I would prefer new from a FFL. If anyone has any leads, i would be really appreciative. Thanks!
  4. P99
    All: I am looking to purchase a Walther P99 9mm 1st Gen. I will pay top dollar for leads and ultimately the firearm itself. Feel free to reach out to me if you can help! Thanks.
  5. Want To Buy
    I am trying to track down a magazine that is compatible with an American Arms P98 pistol. It was designed my Erma Werke, and the original magazine part number is 8838. The user manual lists the original magazine capacity as 8 rounds. I will pretty much pay any price for a working, compatible or...
  6. Want To Buy
    As the title describes, I'm looking for a 2000's era P99 (non AS) with a matching Walter BA5/BA6 laser module. I realize these are a bit rare and hard to come by, so I am open to discussion about price. If it's a two-tone P99 that would be incredible but beggars can't be choosers!
  7. Want To Buy
    Hey all, New to forum. Looking to buy Interarms SS PPK 32. All conditions / with or without box n papers etc considered. Post or feel free to PM. Thanks!
  8. Want To Buy
    Hi, I'm looking to join the Walther family. Currently, I'm mostly a Browning guy but looking to broaden my horizons. I'm looking to find a 1968 PPK in 7.65 preferably all original and in above average condition. Box etc is nice to have, but not required. Thanks for looking and hopefully you...
  9. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I'm interested in buying a rail adapter for the Gen. 1 P99, preferably one of the originals with Walther branding. Willing to pay <$46. Thanks! Mike
  10. Want To Buy
    Looking to buy a P99 Gen. 1 Rail Adapter. Alternatively, if anyone knows where to buy one, please let me know. Thanks!
  11. Want To Buy
    Here is my posting on Armslist: www.armslist.com/posts/5655484/seattle-washington-handguns-want-to-buy--older-blued-walther-ppk--380 "Looking to buy a Walther PPK. - Blued - .380 ACP - Not S&W (older the better) - Not PPK/S - Good condition/good shooter Let me know what you have and where...
  12. Want To Buy
    Looking to buy a P5 Compact in good condition. Bluing intact without holster wear.
  13. Want To Buy
    WTB: 1st Gen. 9mm P99 in OD Green http://www.waltherforums.com/forum/want-buy/47120-wtb-1st-gen-9mm-p99-od-green.html#post470429
  14. Want To Buy
    I'm looking for a use PPK .380 that's in good shape. Either a Blued or Stainless Steel version. I'm located in Western PA.
  15. Want To Buy
    Really looking to find a complete 5" slide to put on my M1 frame. Can't find one anywhere. Please help!!!
  16. Want To Buy
    I have a 1960's era Walther Model KKJ 22LR Rifle (serial # 43052) that my dad gave me eons ago. About 15 years ago,my wife hid the bolt to the rifle because I was depressed an she thought I might harm myself (never would have). She passed away in August 2012 and it therefore may remain...
  17. Want To Buy
    Anyone have a 2nd Gen P99 Mag? Preferably a factory one. If not then one of the MR9 Fast Action magazines that work with the P99. I can't find them in any online store. I just need one, unless you have a good deal on two.
  18. Want To Buy
    I'm looking to buy a factory new P99 AS 9mm "defense kit" Walther part number WAP77011. The sticker on the box reads "WAL P99AS 9MM 4" BL 2-15RD NS." A bunch of pictures of the version I'm looking for are here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/49ean7p4078hinw/SLXw_KypaJ The "defense kit" is a P99AS...
  19. Want To Buy
    Still hunting for W. German 380 ppk. As before only PPK, only .380 and only W German. Doesn't have to be pretty as long as its all original and no rust or pitting. Looking forever want to buy SOON.
  20. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Looking for a newer P99. I live in CA so I'm also looking fro some 10 round clips as well. Thanks, Solan
1-20 of 20 Results