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  1. The Classics
    Hello, I own a post war Walther P38 made in 5/60 and I like to shoot it. I shoot all my guns an this one is no exception. I've put exactly 1215 rounds through it since I bought it. I've inspected it just after I purchased it and it had no signs of frame wear. The surface that interacts...
  2. P99
    My P99 AS is at just over 9000 rounds, and I've just noticed that in DA or AS mode the trigger shoe has enough play to move forward maybe 2 to 3 millimeters off of the trigger itself, enough to expose the bottom part of the trigger (the long, thin "lollipop" shaped part, for lack of better...
  3. PPQ
    Anybody else have this type of wear when they first stripped the gun?
  4. PPQ
    For years I've kept my pistol magazines filled to capacity -1 in an effort to prevent the spring from wearing out due to stress. Here's the question: Do you guys think it's doing any good? I've always assumed I was increasing reliability as well as extending the life of the magazines.
  5. P99
    I came across a photo posted by jontheturboguy P99QA Detail strip guide. In one of the pictures posted with his guide (linked below), there is some sort of wear on about 3/4 of the way to the rear portion of the black plastic rail on the right side of gun. I believe that this part is the Sear...
1-5 of 5 Results