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  1. Post war P38?

    Walther General Discussions
    I recently traded for this pistol and don’t know much about it any information would be greatly appreciated
  2. Been a while but Still plinkin with the PP

    PP and TP Series
    Hello everyone...... well...i guess its been about 6 yrs since i last posted and 10 years since last pics of my PP were posted. Some of you may recall it and are familiar with it ;) and after about an 8 year hiatus I have been shooting it once a month this year. During the 8 year break I...
  3. Trying to identify a set of Walther grips.

    Walther General Discussions
    I bought these grips at a flea market recently and the package was marked Pre WWII PP grips. Just trying to verify if that is correct.
  4. Interarms Alex, VA Walther PP 7.65 S/N 345890

    PP and TP Series
    Curious if according to - Walther PP & PPK postwar production copy.pdf - if this was truly made between 1964 and 1965? Looking at many pictures I have not seen similar markings on other pistols. The pistol is on poor shape in my opinion, though shoots every time. I have owned this pistol for...
  5. Does A 30 Magazine That Fits The PPQ M2 4" 9mm ?

    Walther General Discussions
    I've been looking high and low for a extended mag for my PPQ M2 haven't had no luck please help.. I love this gun but attachments are hard to find as well. Please help me locate a 30 round magazine or close maybe even a drum.
  6. Walther Manurhin PP of 1956 Dry Fire + Owner's Manual in Spanish

    PP and TP Series
    Dear, I just inherited a Walther Manurhin PP, caliber 0.32 (7.65mm) from 1956. It is in perfect condition, clean and oiled, always kept in a dry and warm place. Along with the weapon I found a couple of boxes of Walther ammunition, which must have been from the time. I am writing to consult...
  7. Mid-war Walther PP without proof marks?

    PP and TP Series
    I think I posted something about this a year or so ago, but I had no way to post pics then and I don't think I ever got much response. I have a pretty nice PP that I figure to be from 1942 or 43, but I see no evidence of any sort of proof marks on it. From what I read if it was a military or...
  8. Walther HK MP5 .22LR

    Walther General Discussions
    Hi guys! Does anyone know where to find a 25 rd mag for this .22LR MP5? I cannnot find them anywhere! IM thinking it would be easy to find because of how nice this rifle is, and made by walther.. But im stuck with a boring 10rd mag.. Please let me know thank you :)
  9. PPK 9mm kurz help

    PP and TP Series
    Hello all! I am seeking help from some PPK experts in this forum. I have had this PPK for a while. I believe it to be a 1968. Any information you can help with would be appreciated. I would also like opinions on prices. Thank you for your time.
  10. WTS: Various Holsters (PPS M2), Volund & Recycled Firefighter Belts + NeoMag

    Non Walther Items
    Dara Slick Side AIWB w/Claw Walther PPS m2 (brand new. never worn; doesn't fit my needs) $60 shipped Dara OWB Walther PPS M2 Mag Carrier (used once or twice) $27 shipped NeoMag (9mm/medium; no use for it. Took it out of the container to try it, put it back into the box hence the paper...
  11. My First P99, Would like some information on what P99 it is

    Hello All, This is my first post on these forums, and I'm looking forward to learning a lot about the P99. I thought I would post this question on here, because I can't seem to find any hard details on my P99. I just picked it up yesterday, and its chambered in .40 S&W. There is the eagle...
  12. WTS: Walther PPQ Q5 SF Steel Frame

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    WTS: Walther PPQ Q5 SF Steel Frame, PPQ Q5 M1 Brand new Walther PPQ Q5 SF Steel Frame 9mm. Never fired other than factory. Comes with 3 10rd magazines. You FFL should accept handgun from private party. $1300 shipped to your FFL. Brand new Walther PPQ Q5 M1 9mm. Never fired other than...
  13. Identification Help - PPK?

    Walther General Discussions
    I inherited a Walther (but apparently I can't upload a picture). Since I can't upload a pic...can someone address the following observations and Q's: 1) The serial number is "381407 p ac". 'ac" is stamped directly below the serial number on the slide, not the frame. Serial number including...
  14. looking for a Grip extension for PPQ

    Hey guys new to the forum but not to the Walther platform. Got a new 15+2 mag and can't find a Grip extension for my Walther PPA M2. no one has it in stock. Even willing to get a used one but can't find it anywhere. Any idea? anyone one has one willing to sell?
  15. Walther P22CA: FTE/Failure to Eject Issues

    Brand new P22CA, factory mags. With Winchester ammo 50% of rounds wouldn't eject. With CCI Minimag knock-off from range, 10-20% of rounds wouldn't eject. Spent casing is firmly stuck in place, need to use a barrel rod or my finger nail to pop out brass. Could be the gun just needs to be...
  16. Walther Q5 Feed Issue

    Hi all! Anybody have an issue when you insert a magazine during a reload (gun in slide lock) and have the slide go forward by itself, BUT the bullet doesn't feed and results in a click instead of a bang? Happened to me 4 times over the span of 2 different competitions, quite annoying. Thanks...
  17. Walther PPX replacement parts?

    Walther General Discussions
    Hi, I have a Walther PPX that I just recently started daily carrying and I noticed that when I get out of the car sometimes my back has pushed the mag release so I need to pop it back in when I get out of the car. Obviously that's not going to fly with a tool I may defend my life with so I need...
  18. P22Q Keeps Jamming...

    So my husband just bought a Walther P22Q, it is brand new. We finally got a chance to take it to the range and it keeps jamming on him. We are using the Remington bullets, which is what the dealer recommended. At the same time my husband bought the Walther, I bought the new S&W Shield 380EZ...
  19. Walther KK Match action dimensions

    Walther Rifles
    Hello I am in the process of restoring a Walther KK Match from my old man, but the action is very rusty and I need the precise dimension of the internal and external diameter of the action. Greetings and thanks Jeff
  20. Walther KK Match action dimensions

    Walther General Discussions
    Hello I am in the process of restoring a Walther KK Match from my old man, but the action is very rusty and I need the precise dimension of the internal and external diameter of the action. Greetings and thanks Jeff