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  1. Non Walther Items
    Used Springfield 1911 Ronin 45acp 5” Comes with original cardboard box, soft pouch, original magazine, paperwork, and one extra Wilson Combat magazine. Overall good condition but does show signs of minor wear. Great 1911 shooter. Beautiful two tone 1911. Pm for more details or pics. May trade...
    $700 USD
  2. Want To Buy
    Hello Fellow Forum Members, I am in need of a P.38 Mauser magazine with the first eagle 135 waffenampt for a recently acquired BYF 43 that came with a polished, refinished and post war follower. I have it listed in the magazine section. If you have one you can part with, please message or email...
  3. Walther General Discussions
    Hello everyone. This is my first post and honestly my first inquiry about an firearm in general. I recently inherited a walther p38 from my grandfather. It was in his will and I had no clue about it. I been doing some research but I figure the best way to figure out what I'm holding in my hands...
  4. The Classics
    I know it was made Sep 1981 and refurbished Oct 1998 in Doberlug-Kirchhain and used by the Bundeswehr. I have questions though, like why is there a circle next to the Bw? Why are there circles elsewhere? Why are the serials one number off? Why does Mag B not have the markings but does have red...
  5. The Classics
    Hello, I recently bought this at my local Pawn shop and wanted help identifying the marks on the pistol and the holster. It seems all the serial numbers match. From my limited research it seems this may be a Swedish HP. But I wanted to ask the experts. Thanks for the help.
  6. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Like new Gen 1 Walther P99 with case, test target, manual, 1-16 round magazine, 1-10 round magazine. This has a 2000 date code and is a Carl Walther USA import. Super nice! $750 shipped. You can text me at 9032851695. I’m located in Leonard, TX but can ship to any FFL as long as it’s not...
    $750 USD
  7. FYI - Good Deals
    Walther currently offers 20% off all BUIS and 10% off all Holsters. As per an e-mail I got from them on 22 Dec. Use code: DECEMBER21 Valid until 2 Jan 2022. Free shipping over $100.
  8. PP and TP Series
    Merhaba, Hollanda'da yaşıyorum. walther pp veya ppk için aspiratör, yay, tetik gibi parçalar almak istiyorum. Ancak hiçbir firma Hollanda'ya gönderim yapmıyor. Hollanda'ya teslimat yapan alışveriş siteleri var mı? şimdiden teşekkürler
  9. P99
    All: I am looking to purchase a Walther P99 9mm 1st Gen. I will pay top dollar for leads and ultimately the firearm itself. Feel free to reach out to me if you can help! Thanks.
  10. The Classics
    Markings on the handgun are as follows: Slide left side: Selbstlade-Pistole Cal 6.35 Walther’s Patent Walther logo Slide right side: Carl Walther Waffenfabrik Zella-Mehlis I The frame, slide and barrel all have a N with a circular symbol above it. Serial number is: 64273 Also to note is...
  11. PP and TP Series
    Hi everybody. I have a Walther PP 7.65 that I inherited from my grandfather when he passed. I never got any info from him on how he got it or a story behind the gun. I’ve done some research on these but I can’t seem to find anything out about mine as there are no markings whatsoever on this gun...
  12. PP and TP Series
    Question My PP has developed some minor pitting along the sharp edge of the Slide. Left side Should I treat this with something like Kroil oil ? Then remove oil and use some Renaissance Wax ? I normally use Balistrol to clean it, then wipe it down, removing as much as possible Naturally I...
  13. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Selling 5 of my PPQ M2 15 rd mags, all are lightly used but in great shape, all function perfectly. Feel free to message me for more info or email me at [email protected] -PRICE DROP- $100 Shipped for all 5
  14. Walther General Discussions
    I recently traded for this pistol and don’t know much about it any information would be greatly appreciated
  15. PP and TP Series
    Hello everyone...... well...i guess its been about 6 yrs since i last posted and 10 years since last pics of my PP were posted. Some of you may recall it and are familiar with it ;) and after about an 8 year hiatus I have been shooting it once a month this year. During the 8 year break I...
  16. Walther General Discussions
    I bought these grips at a flea market recently and the package was marked Pre WWII PP grips. Just trying to verify if that is correct.
  17. PP and TP Series
    Curious if according to - Walther PP & PPK postwar production copy.pdf - if this was truly made between 1964 and 1965? Looking at many pictures I have not seen similar markings on other pistols. The pistol is on poor shape in my opinion, though shoots every time. I have owned this pistol for...
  18. Walther General Discussions
    I've been looking high and low for a extended mag for my PPQ M2 haven't had no luck please help.. I love this gun but attachments are hard to find as well. Please help me locate a 30 round magazine or close maybe even a drum.
  19. PP and TP Series
    Dear, I just inherited a Walther Manurhin PP, caliber 0.32 (7.65mm) from 1956. It is in perfect condition, clean and oiled, always kept in a dry and warm place. Along with the weapon I found a couple of boxes of Walther ammunition, which must have been from the time. I am writing to consult...
1-20 of 136 Results