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  1. PPS
    PPS NEWBIE GUIDE/REVIEW This is not intended for seasoned PPS aficionados, but for people like myself who are overwhelmed with all the single stack choices on the market today. I’m not an expert, just an amateur armchair commando that feels like this gun needs some exposure after researching...
  2. PPS
    :D Field Strip from the manual instructions and from online instructions. A quick Field Strip.
  3. PPS
    :) OK here a video on how to remove the Firing Pin From your Walther PPS 40 Cal. Post you comment thanks
  4. Want To Buy
    Like the title says, I've been searching for one for a while, gunsamerica.com had one but it's been sold out from under me. Not worried about price as long as gun is in good shape and doesn't have like 10k rounds through it
  5. PPS
    Here is my 40. PPS with Dark Earth Duracoat. I coated it about a year ago. No chips or wear marks. I carry this gun everyday, I love it. I put tritium night sights and a Viridian C5L, and its is everything I need in a daily carry. I did a trigger job by swapping springs and now the gun has a 5-6...
  6. PPS
    Anyone know if anyone makes a holster for the Walther PPS that has a light attached? Most concerns for CCW are night incidents.
1-6 of 6 Results