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  1. PP and TP Series
    Hi, I am looking to sell a gun that I inherited from my father. Last name is Bond, so you can guess where this is going. I know very little about guns, so please help. From the serial number, it seems to be from 1941. It’s made in Germany, in good condition. PPK 7.65
  2. PP and TP Series
    Hello! Recently I have bought a Walther PPK 7.65mm Zella Mehlis (Thür). It's date manufacture in 1943 due to the serial number and RSHA markings. The grips on gun are solid black original from bakelite, but I would desperately like to change them with wood imitation brown ones that were most...
  3. PP and TP Series
    Hi all, here’s something you will like. A BW PPK from 1959. I jumped at it the minute I saw it. Magazine has matching date stamping. Other ID should refer to NATO numbers. Comments and more info is very welcome.
  4. PP and TP Series
    I'm looking at this Walther PPK 7.65mm for sale with "X" out marking, from what I have researched it looks like post-war or late war 1944? but them I'm also see if the ejection port has a number thats typically the year. with that said there is a circle marking that has been X'ed out, could this...
1-4 of 4 Results