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walther ppk .380

  1. Hello everyone, my second Walther, First PPK model (PPK/S .380, AR, USA) Stag grips

    PP and TP Series
    Hope everyone is doing well. This is my first post on the forum, I am going to post in the new member forum next, but I wanted post here first with pics, and then link this post over there. I just purchased this PPK/S (Fort Smith, AR variant) chambered in .380ACP, around two weeks ago. It is my...
  2. Found a Walther PPK

    FAQ: Walther General Discussion
    My parents are moving and while in the process of packing my father came upon a Walther PPK in original box given to him many years ago. He’s interested in selling and I was wondering about an approximate value. The serial number is 226xxx and it’s in perfect condition. Any help would be...
  3. Which years are my PPK and my PPK/S

    PP and TP Series
    Hi new friends Im like all of you a fan of PPK PPK/S and Walther guns in general. Right now, interested in getting updated info that help me to stablish the manufacturing years of my two guns: a PPK & a PPK/S =PPK A052223 =PPK/S 9359BAK (S&W) Thanks for your help Gustavo
  4. pink and black pk380

    Doe's anyone know what is up with walther and why everything is out of stock. My 21st bday i wanted the pink and black pk380. Well when i went to get it someone had bought it like 5 mins before i had got there:(. So i went with the pink and black tiger striped p22.:) But to this day i still want...
  5. PPK .380 Suppression?

    PP and TP Series
    I've been all over the internet looking for someone who has "suppressed" a PPK "successfully" and have found nothing. I know, I know... Terrible host, too loud, blow-back design not good... but my last question still goes unanswered... I know that the factory recoil springs are 20 lbs...