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  1. P5
    Hi all, I wish to share with you the pictures of my latest two additions to my Walther P5 collection, which now takes the number to 8 - including two Compact models and one long barrel with matching numbers on slide, frame and barrel (since there were conversion barrels issued). So here are...
  2. P5
    Hello, Pictures of my recently acquired Deutsche Bundesbank P5, boxed with papers. Very good condition.
  3. P5
    Hi everyone, Here are some pics of my P5 Compact. It has seen a fair share of use, but it is extremely dependable, and I am able to shoot it really accurately. It has one of the smoothest triggers I shot, worthy of a target pistol. Stamped KC, I suppose this should be dated early 90s. Serial...
  4. Want To Buy
    As the title suggest, I want to buy a Walther P5 Compact. I also have several items up for trade if your interested in that as well. Thank you! :)
  5. P5
    If I want to have the vertical grooves on my P5 trigger rounded down to a glassy-smooth finish to allow for more rapid fire, and have the blue aluminum alloy refinished, does anyone know of any qualified gunsmiths who would be certified to do that job? Extra points if they're in CA.
  6. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Hey all, wow according to my CP its been over 5 years since I last logged on to Walther Forums. Guess I've been afk too long. Anyway, figured all you Walther experts would be the ones to ask this. I have a Walther P5 I'd like to sell. And I live in California so since that model is not on the...