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  1. Walther P38 - 7.65 Parabellum

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    Just when I though I'd save some money, I come across a Walther P38, kurz, with 9mm and conversion 7.65 Para barrel. Includes box and original papers. Apparently not many were made. Picture from the web. Where should the front sight be? On the abrrel or on the slide? I've seen both in...
  2. Walther P38 question re: value

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    I am new to this forum--wondering about value/worth of Walther P38 with holster--(matching numbers 3515u cyq--) my father brought this back from WWII--I think from German soldier/officer-- any info would be appreciated--or where I can find out some info on the value of the gun. thank you! jillian
  3. Vintage Holsters

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    I have 2 vintage leather holsters and wanted to know where to store them and what/what not to put on them to keep them in good condition? I've read plenty of forums about keeping leather in good condition, but nothing really on leather holsters that are militaria from the 30's & 40's. I have 2...
  4. Walther P38 Stamp Help

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    I have a 1944 Walther P38 and I have been able to identify every marking on it so far but this one under the barrel. It looks like a crown with a uppercase N under the crown. Does anybody know what that stamp means? Thanks for the help