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  1. Is this normal for the P22 Magazine?

    I just loaded up the new Walther P22 magazine for the first time and noticed something that seems unusual. When I look at the magazine filled with rounds, they appear to be in some sort of disorganized arrangement, like they're going at odd angles and not lined up perfectly parallel as they are...
  2. pink and black pk380

    Doe's anyone know what is up with walther and why everything is out of stock. My 21st bday i wanted the pink and black pk380. Well when i went to get it someone had bought it like 5 mins before i had got there:(. So i went with the pink and black tiger striped p22.:) But to this day i still want...
  3. WTS or WTT Walther p22 5" Barrel Kit *Used*

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Hi there thank you for checking out my listing i have a Walther p22 5" barrel kit for sell at 65.00 including shipping and or trade for the full 3.4 barrel kit i would prefer a trade. Reason being then i wouldn't have to still need to by a 3.4" barrel. But either way the kit includes the 5"...
  4. Walther P22 barrel switch from 5" to 3.42

    Hi there i have a walther p22 its the older style and what i want to figure out is weather or not i can inner change my barrel which is the 5" to the 3.42 or 3.4 i think it is either way its not the CA version i have already complete dismantled the firearm and reassembled it no issues i just...