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  1. WTB Walther P1

    Want To Buy
    Looking to purchase a Walther P1 in decent shooting condition. I'd prefer to buy one with a "hex" pins. I live in California so that's why I'm only looking for P1's and not P38's. Damn CA gun roster is a joke. Please let me know if anyone has one they'll willing to sell.
  2. P1 questions ?

    The Classics
    Just acquired a P1 in a trade (including trading in my PK380 which I really liked) at a local gun shop. I cruised this thread before pulling the trigger on this deal and think I have a handle on what the various markings on this particular P1 mean but would like to get some confirmation from...
  3. Walther P1: Gift From My Grandfather

    The Classics
    Hey everyone. I'm new to these forums! Yesterday I received a Walther P1 from my grandfather as a gift. At first I thought it was a Walther P38 WWII vintage; but he said this model was from the 1960's, and of course a little digging revealed it was a P1. Now, I've seen these before plenty of...
  4. WTB: Manurhin P1 or P1 with hex bolt

    Want To Buy
    Like the post says, I'm sorta searching for a needle in a haystack here. I'd ideally like to find a Manurhin P1 for under $400 that's in decent condition. Why a Manurhin? I don't know exactly, I just find myself drawn to them, you know? My second choice would be one of the P1's with the...
  5. P1 and two mags for $425, is it worth it?

    The Classics
    First post on here. I'm in the market for my first pistol and I've decided to pick up a P1 for aesthetic reasons and because where I live it is impossible to get 22LR ammo for my dad's pistols. The only other gun I own is a Mosin Nagant so I have no personal experience with Walthers. I have...
  6. Unusual Walther P1 question

    The Classics
    Hey, guys. First time poster, so hoping to pick up a bit of advice from those in the know. I have a 1977 production Walther P1 that's beginning to show an occasional issue. After about four or five rounds, the manual safety will begin to "walk" downwards under recoil. At that point, there's...