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  1. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I am offering my Walther CCP for sale. This is the factory tungsten grey frame with black slide. Purchased new from my LGS. The pistol has been back to Walther to have recall service completed and runs smooth as silk for the few rounds I have put through it. Has seen less than 100 rds. total...
  2. CCP
    So, I've been interested in getting a backup gun, or at least one that I can conceal when I dress code prohibits concealing my PPQ. Normally, I can hide the PPQ but I've been in a couple of situations that wouldn't allow me to hide it properly. So, being a self-admitted Walther fanboy, I had...
  3. CCP
    Hello all! I am a new member, and purchased my CCP in November 2015. I am asking for suggestions on how to proceed (with some sporadic venting). In January 2016, my slide got jammed, with no possibility of it releasing without sending it back to Walther for repair. As the title of this thread...
  4. Walther General Discussions
    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone had any input on the Walther CCP vs. the Walther PPS M2. I haven't handled the PPS M2 yet, but have handled the CCP many times. As far as concealed carry goes, which pistol is the superior carry gun?
  5. CCP
    As most of you already know, the new Walther CCP Concealed Carry Pistol is making its way around the web. Our planned unveiling was April 25th at the NRA Meeting in Indianapolis. However, the story was leaked through a press release for the U.S. market that was released very early. Because...
1-5 of 5 Results