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  1. Fitting Viridian Green Laser to Old P99 Frame

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows the best way to attach a Viridian Green Laser to an old frame P99.
  2. Who Does Custom Work on Walthers?

    Walther General Discussions
    I'm thinking about getting a PPS and/or PPQ M2. I currently carry a XD subcompact, and I'm thinking about getting a bigger gun and a smaller gun. I carry with a Viridian C5L, and the trigger guards on the Walthers are too far forward for me to reach the button on the laser (small hands). Is...
  3. Holster fit for PPQ/P99Q

    Walther General Discussions
    I was wondering if a Viridian blade-tech holster for a PPQ equipped with a C5L laser would take a P99Q equipped with the same Viridian laser. Thanks for the info.
  4. M2 with laserlight Holster?

    Hey, I'm really new to the site, and I have looked around as much as I can without seeing the answer to my question. I recently got a PPQ M2 and I was going to get either a Viridian CL5 or Streamlight TLR 4 laser/light for it, though I would need a holster to accommodate those. Are there...
  5. New Owner

    New to both Walther and this forum, decided to join so I can stay on top of what are some tips and improvements to my new toy. First impression, love it. The closest comparison I have for this as a compact is my S&W M&P 9mm. It really shoots like a full size 9mm! Zeros are consistant, recoil is...
  6. HK45 and PPQ

    As a follow on to my 3000 round post a few weeks back the PPQ continues to be my firearm of choice and has survived a number of additional training courses, range sessions etc. The Viridian C5L laser/light and the Kaluban Cloak holster mentioned in my 3000 round post are continuing to work well...
  7. Viridian C5L laser sight on a Walther P22

    I wanted to put a Viridian C5L laser sight on my Walther P22. My local gun shop said they could do it without an adapter. To to this they would have to leave off the retaining bolt that keeps the C5L from sliding forward. I didn't like that idea. They would either have to over-tighten the clamps...