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  1. Walther Manurhin PP of 1956 Dry Fire + Owner's Manual in Spanish

    PP and TP Series
    Dear, I just inherited a Walther Manurhin PP, caliber 0.32 (7.65mm) from 1956. It is in perfect condition, clean and oiled, always kept in a dry and warm place. Along with the weapon I found a couple of boxes of Walther ammunition, which must have been from the time. I am writing to consult...
  2. No Cocking Indicator in online user manual

    hello all, I have a question or 2. I have actually asked this to Walther directly, but I am interested in hearing other answers. 1. PRICE. I have noticed that the PPS goes for $500 - $600 at several large sprting good chains - like Cabelas and Gander Mountain. Yet my LGS and several other...