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trigger pull

  1. PPQ trigger /reset too light.

    Got a beef about the trigger on my PPQ2 9mm. First off, I love the gun, it's accurate as all hell. But I have one issue with it. The trigger is fine on the first pull, but the reset/follow up pull is TOO light. I find myself firing in error sometimes because the trigger is too sensitive. The...
  2. Interarms PPK DA Trigger Stiffness

    PP and TP Series
    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, and a new Walther PPK owner. I recently purchased a Interarms PPK in good condition. I took it out to the range and it shot fine. Now at home, I've been trying to get some dry-fire practice in using snap caps. The trouble I am having is that the heavy DA trigger...
  3. New ppk/s .22lr Impossible to pull trigger

    Walther Rimfire & CO2 Pistols
    help please. This gun is useless if I can't pull the trigger. It feels like 25 lbs or more! I need 2 hands and 2 fingers, squeezing with everything I got. It is absolutely ridiculous to release a firearm that cannot be pulled unless you have hands like Andre the Giant! I hope someone has a...
  4. gritty trigger problem

    i have had my ppq m2 for six months now and have put roughly 1500 rounds through it. i'm having a problem with a gritty or jumpy takeup in the trigger that appears to be caused by the firing pin blocker. i have cleaned the striker assembly and the rest of the slide with gun scrubber before...
  5. Problem purchase.

    Need some advice. Purchased a PPS 9mm. I felt I did my due diligence researching the weapon as well actually firing it many times at the range. Unfortunately, when I made my purchase, (purchased online) I was not aware of the "H" vs "S" disconnector variation. As you can guess I have the H...
  6. Adjusting Trigger Pull

    Does anyone know if the trigger pull can be lengthened on the PPS?