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  1. P99
    Hello, I have a P99 AS, model is from 05 so I believe a gen 2. The trigger moves (wiggles side to side) noticeably. I handled one of the new P99s that came in recently and it had no play. The pistol fires and the trigger functions as intended. I am just concerned about reliability since...
  2. PPQ
    i have had my ppq m2 for six months now and have put roughly 1500 rounds through it. i'm having a problem with a gritty or jumpy takeup in the trigger that appears to be caused by the firing pin blocker. i have cleaned the striker assembly and the rest of the slide with gun scrubber before...
  3. PP and TP Series
    I recently shot my Manuhrin PPK/S in .380 and after six rounds I discovered the trigger bar broke. Is anyone familiar with this failure? Specifically, who sells replacement parts, what is the correct part number and where can I find good instructions? Thanks, Leo.
  4. PP and TP Series
    I am owner of 2 Interarms ppk/s that are both of early 1990's vintage. I have had a lot of problems with the second one, which looks like someone took a dremel tool to its hammer strut and shortened it by about 1/16 of an inch. This was apparently enough to cause the gun to unpredictably revert...
1-4 of 4 Results