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  1. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    WTS Walther Gen 1 P99 OD 9mm with Walther Threaded Barrel $750 shipped CONUS Have a gen 1 Walther P99 with a genuine Walther threaded barrel for sale. The only place to get a threaded barrel is Earls and they charge $400. This is a rare OD green 9mm. Unusual package. Comes with box, three...
  2. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    WTT: Looking for a "BD" P99c Threaded Barrel, will trade my NIB "BA" P99c TB + $$$ I'm looking for a new or nearly new Walther P99c Threaded Barrel, "BD" date code (13.5x1 LH Thread) I have a brand new "BA" date code that I just got in from Earl's, I'd love to swap and I would make it...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I got very interested in the PPQ over the winter. I am selling my M&P to buy a PPQ 9mm. Does Walther sell just a 9mm threaded barrel ? I am still debating the M1 or M2 mag release.
  4. PPQ
    Im new to the walther family, this handgun is the first walther ive owned. Now I have a couple questions of what to buy for optimization and where I can/should get these things Compensator, good brands and where to get one? After-market guide rod to replace plastic one? Good paddle holster...
  5. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    SOLD: Walther PPQ Factory Threaded Barrel 9mm, New Cond. Walther PPQ barrel factory threaded for silencer, with all proof stamps, etc. not an aftermarket. 9mm, 1/2-28, unused - never shot - single-digit serial number. $SOLD
  6. Want To Buy
    Hey all, New to this forum, but I've looked just about everywhere available to me and can't seem to find a place where I could get a 9mm PPQ threaded barrel in a reasonable amount of time (I've already waited on Jarvis for two months or so, and was told recently that it'll still be weeks). So...
  7. Want To Buy
    Hey, all. New to the forum but long time Walther fan. I need a 9mm Barrel from a P99 OR SW99. Standard length would be fine, but I would also consider a threaded barrel if the price is right. If you happen to have one laying around or maybe have a P99 with a broken frame and willing to part...
1-7 of 7 Results