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threaded barrel

  1. WTS Walther Gen 1 P99 OD 9mm with Walther Threaded Barrel

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    WTS Walther Gen 1 P99 OD 9mm with Walther Threaded Barrel $750 shipped CONUS Have a gen 1 Walther P99 with a genuine Walther threaded barrel for sale. The only place to get a threaded barrel is Earls and they charge $400. This is a rare OD green 9mm. Unusual package. Comes with box, three...
  2. 1962 PP .22 threaded barrel

    PP and TP Series
    As the title states, I came across a Walther PP dated 1962 with threaded barrel, barrel extension, thread protector and two magazines with pinky base. Been wanting a PP with threaded barrel, not sure whether to jump at this. Overall normal signs of wear, barrel very good. Threaded barrels not...
  3. PPQ 9 suppressed

    I have a PPQ that I'm considering making a host for my Osprey 9. Before drop next month's rent money on a Jarvis threaded barrel, I'd like to know you guys' thoughts on your suppressed PPQ. How does it handle compared to other handguns? How reliable is it? Excessive gas? Whose barrel are you...
  4. Thread protector stuck

    I just bought the PPQ M2 Navy. I was playing around with the thread protector and now it's too tight and won't come off the barrel. It was only hand tightened so I'm not sure why it hasn't come off.
  5. Thread Adapter for PPQ M2 22LR 5"

    Being new to the forum I didn't know if starting a new question was best or dropping in a question on an existing PPQ 22lr thread. I opted for the new question. Being a very happy owner of a PPQ M1 9mm I'll soon be putting in a order for a PPQ M2 22lr. I plan to get the 5" version because I...
  6. WTT: Looking for a "BD" P99c Threaded Barrel, will trade my NIB "BA" P99c TB + $$$

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    WTT: Looking for a "BD" P99c Threaded Barrel, will trade my NIB "BA" P99c TB + $$$ I'm looking for a new or nearly new Walther P99c Threaded Barrel, "BD" date code (13.5x1 LH Thread) I have a brand new "BA" date code that I just got in from Earl's, I'd love to swap and I would make it...
  7. Anyone want a threaded .40 S&W barrel for your PPQ?

    Just thought I'd ask. About 27 of us on the P99 side are ready to go in on ordering a batch of threaded barrels in .40 S&W. From what I've figured out, the barrels of these two are the same, at least 3rd Gen P99s and PPQs. We have to get to 75 barrels to get Jarvis to do the batch. Thanks and...
  8. Is the barrel threaded? Umarex PPK/S .22 lr

    PPK/S .22LR, New Production by Umarex, 2013+
    I got my brand new Walther made ppk/s chambered in 22. It looks like there is a barrel cap and it comes with a wrench but it will not give at all when I try to twist it. I just want to make sure it's supposed to come off and won't damage the gun if I put a good amount of muscle into it
  9. WTS PPQ 9mm Threaded Barrel (Jarvis) $250 OBO

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    *SOLD* I have a Jarvis threaded barrel for a Walther PPQ 9mm. Sold the PPQ awhile back, but the guy wasn't sure if he also wanted the barrel or not, so I held it. Turns out he doesn't have any plans on getting a suppressor, so now I'm just selling the barrel. This is to be used with anything...
  10. walther ppk 9mm barrel/threading

    PP and TP Series
    hi from florida i have a walther ppk in 9mm and i am interested in a new barrel and or threaded barrel i understand you may have to buy a barrel and then have it threaded(or not) anyways i am hot to get the threaded barrel as i allready am a nfa trust holder and would like to evetually go on to...
  11. .40 S&W threaded Jarvis barrel

    Hey guys I talked to Jarvis this week about a threaded barrel for the P99/PPQ in .40. Long story short they said they would agree to make a run of them if there were at least 50 orders. I'm here asking if anyone would like to gather all the orders and help spread the word. I would do it myself...