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  1. PPS
    In my search for sights for my PPS m1, I couldnt find any pictures of the Truglo TFX Pros on the gun. I was able to see a bunch of PPSs with big dots and mepros, but went with these anyways. I liked the mix of fiber optic and tritium, as well as the orange ring front and u-notch rear design...
  2. PPQ
    Hello! Monday afternoon I finally pick up my new Q5 but I do not plan on using the red dot when I shoot IDPA. I have been using my PPQ M2 9 for all my shooting such as EDC, IDPA, MAG 40 etc. I had my gunsmith use "Oldfart's" instructions of using a Meprolight ML-18800 for the rear and...
1-2 of 2 Results