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tang well

  1. Tang Well Marks on Early "Weimar" Walther PP's

    FAQ: PP/TP
    Please see attached article published in Automag vol 47(12):273-276 by this author. Permission to post here was granted by the Editor of Automag and the Walther Forum moderator. I encourage anyone interested in these guns to contribute information on these tang well marks to the author and...
  2. 1934 Walther "S" Marks on RZM's and PP

    PP and TP Series
    I own two Walther PPK RZM's made in 1934 [822,300, 824,989]. Each has an "S" stamped into the tang well floor directly under the hammer (see attached). The font is a serif style with a somewhat compressed upper loop perhaps typical of German "Schwabacher" font originating in Franconia (upper...
  3. Walther PPK RZM Tang Well Markings

    PP and TP Series
    I am researching tang well markings in Walther PPK/RZM's, particularly in the 820,00-845,000 range. If you own RZM's please examine the area below and behind the hammer on the tang well surface for markings. If you discover one I'd appreciate getting a description along with the serial number...