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  1. PPS
    Hi guys, I have a PPS that is a 9MM, S&W (etched on the gun). I purchased it a couple of years ago and i just got around to researching more about it...but all i can find is that S&W collaborated with the .40, NOT the 9MM? S&W is definitely etched on the gun...maybe it was a limited release...
  2. Want To Buy
    I'm a California resident looking to buy a blued Walther PPK/S .380. I'm only interested in blued, not stainless. I'm also one of the few that prefer the Smith & Wesson version with the extended beaver tail. I'm located in the SF Bay Area but am willing to travel within reason to conduct the...
  3. PP and TP Series
    Im looking for the value of an engraved s&w ppk/s-1 new in box with all extras. Also how many were made? break it in or no?
  4. PP and TP Series
    Hey all! Quick question, I want to get some new black ppk grips to keep my original brown ones pristine. Will the new SW ppk grips fit pre 68 ppk? Thanks in advance!
  5. PPQ
    I am curious how 'bad' the S&W import mark is on the PPQ. I have an early P99 and the S&W import engraving is very poorly done and somewhat of a blight on the gun. Every time I clean the gun, I wish it weren't there (or at least wasn't so poorly done). I haven't seen the import mark on the PPQ...
  6. PPS
    Sending my old "AK" PPS to S&W to have issues found in forums addressed. Advice?. Hi, I have an old PPS with date code AK that I bought new. I really like it but I have often had the slide not completely return to battery (by about 1/8th inch) and have to push the slide forward into place...
  7. PP and TP Series
    I own a Walther .380 stainless PPK/S serial number 3414AAA pictured in these attached photo’s. From the production history and markings the pistol appears produced under the first year of S&W licensing but before S&W put its own serial numbers on the Walther licensed PPK’s made in Houlton...
1-7 of 7 Results