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  1. PPQ M2 Navy (non) Suppressor Springs

    Recently, I saw the ad for a threaded barrel kit for PPQ M2's offered by Walther. It comes with a spring. Apparently, Walther now realizes that different springs are needed depending upon whether the firearm is used with a suppressor. I wrote to Walther telling them that I received no extra...
  2. Threads on PPQ-22LR Tactical

    Guys, I bought a PPQ-22 Tactical and put on my Element II suppressor. It went on fine and worked great, but after a took it off, I noticed the threads were a little shiny....like the threads weren't quite right. The suppressor has a 1/2 x 28 standard thread. Since it went on the PPQ so...
  3. Is the P22 barrel swappable?

    Hi all, Just a question, I'm very interested in picking up a P22 but would like versatility in whether I am carrying it or just shooting at the range. I can't seem to find much info in regards to whether I can buy the 3.4 inch barrel model and then purchase the parts to make it into the 5...
  4. Suppressor height sights, finally?

    I have a Walther PPQ M2 Navy SD and am waiting for ATF to approve my AAC Ti-RANT suppressor. I could not find any sights that are high enough to see over the can, so I am having Dawson Precision make me custom height sights. They are charging me $10 over regular price per sight and about 4...
  5. WTS PPQ 9mm Threaded Barrel (Jarvis) $250 OBO

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    *SOLD* I have a Jarvis threaded barrel for a Walther PPQ 9mm. Sold the PPQ awhile back, but the guy wasn't sure if he also wanted the barrel or not, so I held it. Turns out he doesn't have any plans on getting a suppressor, so now I'm just selling the barrel. This is to be used with anything...
  6. FS: Walther PPQ Factory Threaded Barrel 9mm, New Cond.

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    SOLD: Walther PPQ Factory Threaded Barrel 9mm, New Cond. Walther PPQ barrel factory threaded for silencer, with all proof stamps, etc. not an aftermarket. 9mm, 1/2-28, unused - never shot - single-digit serial number. $SOLD
  7. walther ppk 9mm barrel/threading

    PP and TP Series
    hi from florida i have a walther ppk in 9mm and i am interested in a new barrel and or threaded barrel i understand you may have to buy a barrel and then have it threaded(or not) anyways i am hot to get the threaded barrel as i allready am a nfa trust holder and would like to evetually go on to...
  8. Holster for P99AS and Suppressor

    I have been looking for holsters for a P99AS and AAC TiRant Suppressor with little luck. So far the best idea i have come across is the crye precision cunclip but that only fits glock. If anyone knows of a holster that would fit or have any ideas. Much Appreciated.
  9. finally found the best ammo for my P22 with YHM Wraith

    I've been having all kinds of issue with the P22 and finally found ammo that works reliably, it's Remington Golden Bullet high velocity, got it at Walmart. Unless it's really hot ammo, I've found it won't properly cycle the P22 when using a suppressor. It's also Hollywood quiet..
  10. PPK Suppressor

    PP and TP Series
    I have a normal PPK .380 with no threading or anything like that. Now how would I go about attaching a suppressor to it? Id prefer not having any major work done to it, as well as it not being a permanent attachment. Thanks for the help