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  1. P99
    I finally got the chance and took my new (to me) Magnum Research MR9 to the range. The first trigger pull resulted in a 'click' with nothing more. Upon examination, the striker is busted. I am convinced I checked that prior to taking it to the range for testing, but I am just relieved that the...
  2. PPQ
    I made the mistake of firing blanks in my PPQ and since then I have to recock the gun for every round thus acting like a single action. Before this happened I was able to fire shots one after the other with no need to recock the gun. I sent the gun back to service and repairs and they sent it...
  3. PPQ
    First thank you for the time reading the Post. I find myself somewhat concerned over this failure but absolutely love this pistol. PPQ 9mm m2 in a 4in barrel flavor. Now a little background after purchasing this weapon my son did take it to the range and fired 150 rounds thru it before I field...
1-3 of 3 Results