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  1. PPQ
    Just got mine in the mail today (16 days after I ordered it during Thanksgiving week. They promised no longer than 25 days when I ordered so I'm happy with their lead times!). I had previously decided that I wanted to purchase their full size IWB but when I went to their store front (not too...
  2. PPQ
    I'm looking at picking one up and figured I'd ask for people's experiences with them. They definitely look like they would breathe which is pretty important to me since I usually stay hot even in the winter months. I'm 6'1" and 250 lbs (looking to drop back down to 210-ish in the coming...
  3. Gear, Gadgets, Tactics and Training
    So I narrowed it down to the above holster makers. For which one would you decide? (IWB)
1-3 of 3 Results